Our Mission

We know how hard it is to go to a dentist, especially after many years of oral neglect. We understand that You may be among the many people who have developed a fear or dislike of the dentist. Well, we are here to change that. A lot of the time one or multiple bad experiences can change the way You perceive something but if You find an easy to talk to, reliable, and caring dentist it makes things a little easier. We at White Crown Dental understand the importance of being gentle, sensitive, and truthful to each patient that walks through our door.

From the first day you walk into our office we are here for You. We learn about You and will customize your treatment preferences based on your feedback. We take pride in that our team is committed to providing outstanding service and personalized care tailored to your needs. Our dentist provides the ideal environment for a comfortable, stress-free and genuine dental care experience. For us, maintaining your health and keeping your mind at ease is among our top priorities. As experienced providers of dental care, our doctors are the right choice to improve your dental health.

At White Crown Dental we like to keep it simple. If a tooth can be saved, we will do our best to save the tooth. It’s important to try to keep all your natural teeth so they can last you for a lifetime. Just like you learn about us, we learn about your personal health and dental history and make each visit as pleasant as possible. Regardless of what dental issues you are experiencing our staff will deliver the right solution for You.


Our Providers

Henry Sobol, DMD

The Art of Dentistry is something I take great pride in and consider my passion. Dentistry isn’t just a profession but it’s a skill that as a dental professional I feel obligated to share with the world.

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Heather MacIsaac


Hi I'm Heather MacIsaac, Dr. Sobol's Office Manager. I've been working in the Dental Field for over 27 years and I'm a lifetime member of AADOM (American Association of Dental Office Managers). I love my dental career!

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