Henry Sobol, DMD

The Art of Dentistry is something I take great pride in and consider my passion. Dentistry isn’t just a profession but it’s a skill that as a dental professional I feel obligated to share with the world. I graduated from Western University of Health Sciences in 2013 with Doctorate in Dental Medicine and have been practicing General and Esthetic dentistry for approximately 5 years strong. I am a proponent of informed consent and am convinced that a thorough explanation of a treatment will help the patient understand exactly what needs to be done. I am always looking forward to answering any questions that my patients have and enjoy just talking, in general. To me, dental experiences can be completely different from what a majority of patients initially perceive. When my patients tell me “That wasn’t painful at all!” I simply smile and say “It wasn’t supposed to be painful.” A lot of the times patients are worried about things that could go wrong or have flashbacks to previous dental experiences but let me tell you that I am here to get rid of those bad experiences. I want to create a new outlook on dentistry and my goal is not just to do dentistry but to change lives.